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Welcome to Shanti Yoga Centre

  • A small, beautiful yoga centre offering a wide variety of yoga classes for all levels and abilities.
  • Located off High Street Kensington, within walking distance from the tube and local buses.
  • Shanti Yoga Centre is more than a place to practice yoga - it's a place to experience yoga.

About the Centre

In the heart of Kensington, tucked away in a quiet residential area lies is an oasis of peace and tranquility.

Regardless of our background, age or walk of life we all need a break sometimes. We need to find a place and a time to step back from our duties, simply breathe and release some of the stress that modern city life so easily brings.

Shanti Yoga Centre was created to provide such a place by full time yoga teacher Per Hoglund.

Press and Testimonials

The response from everyone who has visited the centre, both as individuals and as professionals has been very positive and encouraging.

Special thanks

All pictures of the centre courtesy of Sebastian Psuja and Lara Lewtak. Contact: 07824 601 892.

Our Yoga Classes

Shanti Yoga Centre was designed as a sanctuary where anyone regardless of experience, age or ability can come to regain the balance in their lives through the practice of yoga.

Therefore you will find most types of yoga ranging from challenging astanga yoga, invigorating dynamic classes, mindful hatha yoga to more meditative and spiritually focused kundalini yoga.

Resources and Links

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Here is a compilation of service providers that we recommend for their high standard, quality and professionalism.

Latest News & Updates

Dear students and visitors, the premises where our centre is located is now up for sale and the centre is therefore CLOSED until further notice.

For more information about future classes, refunds of class passes and more please click HERE

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Upcoming Workshops

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Therapies & Services

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